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The more crowded our online world becomes, the harder it is for your business to be discovered by the people who will love what you do. Fizzy Inc. communicates your business with beautiful, fast, and mobile-friendly web design, and draws a crowd with inbound marketing techniques and technical search engine optimization (SEO), so your audience can find you organically and invest in your business.

At Fizzy Inc. we’re creating a more human internet, one site at a time. Let us show you how.

Our Services

Local Business SEO

Small and medium businesses deserve to thrive online as much as the biggest players. But if your customers can’t find you, they’ll never know how great you are. Our optimization techniques for search engines (SEO) and social media sites ensure that you’ll never get lost in the digital churn.

Website Design & Branding

Great design is clear, purposeful, and honest. Whether we’re starting with your existing brand or designing a custom brand, our sites marry clarity, elegance, and utility. Your website shouldn’t only be beautiful, but powerful, easy to use, and a boon to your business that generates insights about your audience. 

Custom Inbound Marketing

Our partners are extensions of our company, and we work toward their goals. We start with a custom market analysis and buyer personas, map customer journeys, design a personalized marketing strategy, and then let our in-house designers, writers, and editors develop content that will drive the results you care about.

Data Analytics

Thanks to analytics technologies, marketing online has never been more transparent. Everything our team does is data-driven, and the websites we design report on their own effectiveness. We’ll give you the tools to see the results of our work for yourself.

Case Studies

We create high-performing WordPress sites that are easy to use and integrate into your business. You, as the owner of the site, are the first user on our minds. Browse some of our past clients and get a feel for the possibilities!

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